Josh Lopez and Dennis Ortega have played baseball together since they were 14 years old — first in Valencia, Venezuela, and then for the State College Spikes as catchers. Both have traveled a long way to make a better life for their friends and family who are struggling back home. (

Sam Alexander is a beekeeper. He owns Alexander’s Honey House in Lewistown, Pa. where his family has been making honey since 1970. Sam sells it at the Belleville Livestock Market every Wednesday. Without his work, Sam says, we wouldn’t have the fruits and vegetables that everyone enjoys today. (

David "The Bullet" Smith, 40, makes a living as a human cannonball. He's been doing it for 19 years and inherited the obscure career path from his father. Now he's back in State College, Pa. to show Spikes fans what a grown man being shot out of a cannon looks like. (

Sabine and Doug Lutz lost their 19-year-old son Coy after a rodeo accident in May 2016. In response to the tragedy, they started the Coy Lutz Memorial Scholarship Fund to help high school kids like Coy. Then they helped host a PRCA event as a tribute to their son. (